DisAbility Alliance initiatives

  1. Building awareness on both seen and unseen disabilities in the workplace through webinars.
  2. Engaging with network members to provide peer group support to each other.
  3. Active campaigning for self-identification, especially around disabilities, so that this set of data can inform our HR policies.
I’ve always been proud to work for a company whose underlying purpose is working towards a safer world. I feel society’s handling of disability goes well beyond “being kind”, it also involves commitment from organisations, such as Lloyd’s Register, to provide these opportunities and the necessary support so that all colleagues can have a sense of belonging and contribute to success. As a parent to a child with disabilities, I support a future where employment opportunities are open to all persons who can do the job, regardless of any disability they may have. I want a bright future for my children which extends beyond a safer world.

Mark Haskell

Area Service Delivery Manager, Americas and member of DisAbility Alliance Colleague Network