EthNet initiatives

  1. #WhatsinaName is a series of talks to discuss the importance of acknowledging and recognising one’s ethnic name and addressing everyone appropriately and respectfully.
  2. #Careertalk series on ‘Doing business in each region by a business leader(s) demonstrates the necessary business skill sets and cross-cultural competence one has to have to navigate our complex world and succeed
  3. #CommunityOutreach - Amplifying the unheard voices to mark World Refugee Day on 20th June. The aim was to raise money for a charity drive by LR Foundation & UNICEF for refugees displaced due to conflicts.
Growing up in a metropolitan city like Mumbai, India, where we celebrate various cultural events, I’m grateful to join EthNet Colleague Network, which provides a platform to connect with like-minded colleagues. We promote cultural diversity and inter-faith dialogues, all to increase awareness and ensure that everyone is welcome.

Rani George

Marketing Support Executive - Dubai