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Meet Henk.

Read about Henk's story at LR.

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Meet Henk.

Henk is a senior geologist, who has been at LR for over five years. He works on projects for clients who are seeking to narrow down on sites where to drill for oil or gas, inject CO2 or produce geothermal energy. The best way to describe what he does on a daily basis is that he collates data from the subsurface and comes up with a reconstruction of how things look like deep below our feet. 

Why did you join?

I joined LR because working in a dynamic environment where you interact with clients and never know what’s round the corner attracted me. I wanted a more client facing role, interacting with the people we do work for. Since I started in July 2014 this is something I have experienced a lot and something I still do today. My drive is to create value for our clients and I feel very supported in doing so at LR.

Why did you stay?

I stayed because I like the nature of project work. For instance, over the past three years I have been working on a big geological mapping project for the UK Government of which the results were made publicly available. It was a great way of seeing your work being used and available for the geological community!

I also started voluntary work when I joined. I have always been interested in doing things work related but voluntarily. I have a special interest in looking at the core stuff, that keeps me really busy! Working with borehole data on a daily basis, I have always been keen to get my hands on rock samples collected from North Sea wells. When I heard about an oil company disposing of this valuable geological material, I decided to ask if they were willing to donate some core. And they were! This was the start of a project that has now expanded by delivery of tonnes of core that is being repurposed for education, training and award. A group of volunteers is helping out and are responsible for various elements of our activities. The cores can be used to learn about the petroleum geology of the North Sea and it enables people to smell and feel a real oil reservoir. This sheds light on the geological history of the North Sea and also demystifies where oil and gas are from. So far we distributed core to the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, France, Ireland, the US and soon to Lebanon! It is a great project to be part of. 

What qualifications or experience did you need for your role?

I think most people around me are on a similar level – we all have MScs or PhDs in earth sciences or a related topic. Most people who have roles like mine at LR also have experience in other roles in the industry. At the end of the day we are consultants and we are supposed to give advice or work on a range of different projects. Having some industry experience prior to taking on some of these consultancy jobs is really valuable. I had experience for 8 or 9 years before joining LR. Many people have worked in service related roles or for an operator (ie an oil company) – it is really helpful to know how things work and helpful for the clients when you advise them.

What is your proudest moment at LR?

A colleague and I worked on a proposal for the Oil and Gas Authority ( a regulator). They are in charge of oil and gas licenses in the North Sea. We have done work for them for many years. This proposal was for a three year project that was quite important to win and would keep a number of us busy for a few years – it was quite critical. It was a three week manic exercise to get the proposal up to shape and we won it! That was a great achievement and we had the confidence from management to work on it and to submit it in the state we felt happy with it, and it was good to see that was appreciated.

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