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Meet Oyegbe.

Read about Oyegbe's story at LR.

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Meet Oyegbe.

Oyegbe is a team lead and senior engineering surveyor. Based in Aberdeen, she acts as the interface between Lloyd's Register Group and Lloyd's Register Foundation.  She joined LR as a graduate in 2012.

Tell us more about your role at LR?

I am a team lead and senior engineering surveyor. What I do is called verification and we independently assess safety and environmentally critical elements for offshore assets, throughout the lifecycle, to make sure they are designed and operate to meet a certain standard and they protect the people, the environment and the offshore installations. I review documents and also get to do surveys offshore on the rigs working with our clients and the people on the ground to test the equipment and make sure it works as it should and it's safe. Most of my work is in the UK but I do verification for assets in West Africa and I also had the opportunity to go out to South Korea and work in a shipyard for a Floating Production Storage Offloading Unit and a fixed platform.

In the other part of my current role as a team lead, I manage a team of 5 surveyors, so I help them with their development and their roles as well as manage client projects and initiatives for our department to meet our business objectives. I am also currently seconded to the Lloyd’s Register Foundation where I help manage the interface between LR Group and LR Foundation; so we look for ways we can share more about the Foundation within the Group and the opportunities for how we can work together closer to achieve our missions of “working together for a safer world” and “engineering a safer world”. We like to call the relationship between the Group and the Foundation the 21st century model of doing social business.

Why did you join?

When I joined on the graduate scheme, the tag line for LR was ‘Life Matters’ which really resonated with me.  I still remember doing my assessment day and speaking to the wide range of people in the Group to understand what they do. I ended up working with one of those people on one of my rotations, who became my mentor, and I am working for him again in my current role. The people really stood out to me. They were really positive and enthusiastic about the work they were doing and the graduate scheme seemed to offer a broad range of opportunities for development. There were so many different characters too -  I remember coming out of that assessment centre and thinking there isn’t a typical ‘LR person’ because everyone is so different.

Why did you stay?

I am really proud to work here because the work I do in my day job contributes to the Foundation to fund these amazing grants in the world that create impact. I have seen this firsthand speaking to some of the grant holders at the Foundation conference and watching the presentations. The Foundation also sponsors PhD students who were talking about some of the work they were doing which I found fascinating. Another great project they have been involved with is the Science Firefly which had a mobile learning unit going to areas in Turkey teaching kids about STEM. It is amazing.

The diverse career path, variety and experience I’ve had as well as opportunities to work around world and the chance to meet and work with some amazing people including world-class technical experts, are also reasons that I’ve stayed.

A big highlight for me has also been being able to get involved with the Foundation in this interface role. Not only has it broadened my knowledge of the Foundation, it also allows me to spread the message about what the Foundation does and why. The team are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and the work they do is amazing. One of the big grants is a poll in over 140 countries about risk – speaking to different people across the world to ask them what the risks are to them and what they understand by risk. It is trying to bridge the gap between what the public understand as risk and what the actual risk to them is. Another grant is looking at the safety and assurance of robotics and autonomous systems.

I also have the opportunity to get involved in a lot of STEM activity at LR, which I love doing. I love hearing these kids and students talk about their interests and what they want to do. I saw this really interesting quote the other day “people can’t become what they can’t see” – for me STEM activities can act to break down perceptions of what different roles are.

Describe a typical day at LR?

In the office, it would start with the usual email checking – you can sometimes get the panic of clients because you have recommendations that haven't been addressed and they are about to become overdue; it’s about fighting those fires and working with our clients. Then I usually get together with colleagues to find solutions for clients and review documents. If I am offshore, my day can start anytime between 5am and 7am and that normally kicks off with planning meetings – we get together at the start of the day and work out what everyone has got to do for the shift. It might be going up the crane going to test the emergency functions or shutting equipment down to test it. It is about getting in my coveralls, testing and seeing what I need to. I quite like being involved with the problem solving and when something goes wrong I like being part of the team working out what the solution could be to the problem and what information is needed to make an informed decision. I like it as it breaks things up and it is good to get a little panic (or challenge) in your day! (That's what I think anyway!). 

What is your proudest moment at LR?

I have had many proud moments here so it is hard to choose one! I was specifically sought out to work for a client in Nigeria; getting to do the surveys and work with the client as well as getting good feedback from the client made me feel challenged and valued. Another proud moment was working on Clair Ridge; it was one of the first projects I worked on in LR from a design appraisal point of view. I also had the chance to go out to the yard and offshore and saw the installation start up installed and produced - seeing a drawing come to life as a vessel or offshore installation is great.

A big highlight for me has also been being able to get involved with the Foundation in this interface role. Not only has it broadened my knowledge of the Foundation, it also allows me to spread the message about what the Foundation does and why. The team are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and the work they do is amazing. 

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