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Class News

Archive of Class News, showing classification and statutory alerts and bulletins

You can view the archive Class News from the links below. For any documents prior to 2014, please contact us.

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2016 Class News

46/2016: Statutory Alert: Financial security – 2014 amendments to the MLC 2006

45/2016: Statutory Alert: Entry into force of the Polar Code

44/2016: Statutory Alert: Suitable means for the calibration of portable atmosphere testing instruments as referred to in SOLAS regulation XI-1/7

43/2016: Statutory Alert: Inclusion of mediums of fire-fighting systems in lightweight and lightship condition

42/2016: Statutory Alert: Publication of EU MRV delegated and implementing regulations, including templates for monitoring plans, emission reports and documents of compliance

41/2016: Statutory Alert: Revised guidelines on evacuation analysis for new and existing passenger ships

40/2016: Statutory Alert: Clarification of requirements regarding Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) high frequency narrow-band direct printing

39/2016: Statutory Alert: Equipment servicing – a reminder of the requirements for servicing, testing and calibrating equipment

38/2016: Statutory Alert: Hong Kong-flagged vessels – Anti-fouling system (AFS) certification changes

37/2016: Statutory Alert: Amendment 38-16 to the IMDG Code

36/2016: Statutory Alert: Chemical tankers that carry products requiring oxygen-dependent inhibitors

35/2016: Classification Alert: New version of Argonaut software for thickness measurement reporting

34/2016: Statutory Alert: IMO fuel oil consumption data collection system

33/2016: Statutory Alert: Inspections of cargo securing arrangements

32/2016: Statutory Alert: Production defect on Hyundai Lifeboats ‘TALON II 4.0’ on-load release mechanism assembly

31/2016: Statutory Alert: New EU Marine Equipment Directive

30/2016: Statutory Alert: REISSUE: Ballast Water Management Convention to enter into force on 8 September 2017

29/2016: Statutory Alert: Revised MARPOL requirements for oil residue (sludge) piping arrangements

28/2016: Statutory Alert: REISSUE: Amendments to MLC, 2006 on financial security – entry into force

27/2016: Statutory Alert: Caribbean MOU concentrated inspection campaign on crew familiarisation with enclosed space entry

26/2016: Statutory Alert: Riyadh MOU concentrated inspection campaign on pilot transfer arrangements

25/2016: Statutory Alert: Paris MOU concentrated inspection campaign on the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

24/2016: Statutory Alert: Simultaneous concentrated inspection campaigns on cargo securing arrangements in Tokyo, Black Sea and Indian Ocean MOU regions

23/2016: Statutory Alert: EU Monitoring, Reporting and Verification regulation – industry consultation on delegated and implementing acts – air quality control systems

22/2016: Statutory Alert: Ventilation systems in ro-ro cargo spaces – air quality control systems

21/2016: Statutory Alert: Change of practice for HME cargoes and guidance for port reception facility providers and users

20/2016: Statutory Alert: REISSUE: Revised guidelines for maintenance and inspection of automatic sprinkler systems

19/2016: Classification Alert: Suggested locations for carrying out In-Water Surveys

18/2016: Statutory Alert: IACS Recommendation for the Operation of Shore-Based Emergency Response Services

17/2016: Statutory Alert: Secondary means of venting on tankers – SOLAS amendments

16/2016: Australian national ballast water management requirements – new Biosecurity Act, treatment methods and reporting requirements

15/2016: Statutory Alert: Icing considerations for cargo ships carrying timber deck cargoes – new formula for calculating ice accretion weight added to Intact Stability Code

14/2016: Statutory Alert: ECDIS compliance – extension of transitional period for International Hydrographic Office (IHO) Standards S-52 and S-64

13/2016: Statutory Alert: Carriage of bauxite – warning about possible dangers of liquefaction

12/2016: Statutory Alert: GMDSS – new channelling arrangements for high frequency narrow-band direct printing

11/2016: Statutory Alert: Maintenance and survey of steel wire ropes on life-saving appliance slings – issues associated with plastic sheathing

10/2016: Statutory Alert: MARPOL Annex VI, Regulation 13 – clarification on NOx certification for dual fuel and gas-fuelled engines

 09/2016: Statutory Alert: MARPOL Annex VI – additional NOx Technical Code certification requirements and changes to the IAPP Record of Construction and Equipment

 08/2016: Statutory Alert: Guidelines on verification of ECA emission control measures issued by China Maritime Safety Administration

07/2016: Statutory Alert: Revised guidelines for onboard operational use of ship automatic identification systems (AIS)

06/2016: Statutory Alert: China to implement first emission control measures in Yangtze River Delta ECA from 1 April, 2016

05/2016: Statutory Alert: New SOLAS requirements for carriage of portable atmosphere testing equipment for enclosed space entry

04/2016: Statutory Alert: Voluntary global recall of Kannad Marine SAFELINK auto and manual EPIRBs

03/2016: Statutory Alert: Status of the Ballast Water Management Convention – criteria for entry into force not yet reached

02/2016: Statutory Alert: Amendments (03-15) to the IMSBC Code(ECDIS)

01/2016: Statutory Alert: Publication of revised standards for electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS)

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