As an industry leader, we are a trusted adviser for setting rules and safety standards across maritime assets. Our expert advice and support are aligned with the latest legislation while also drawing on new research and developments.   

Confidence and compliance start with LR 

The maritime industry is undergoing rapid change and organisations must keep pace. At LR, we are responsible for developing and setting standards and rules to meet ever-changing, global compliance requirements. Our work is aligned with new legislation and informed by the latest research and developments. By working with our seasoned experts, you can remain confident in meeting complex compliance regulations now and in the future. 

LR’s Technical Reference Material supports organisations facing increasing challenges with decarbonisation and digitalisation technologies. It sets appropriate standards and provides guidance for the lifecycle of ships, offshore units and land-based functions related to the ocean economy. Rules and the classification process combine with our expertise to support your solutions across every stage, from design to decommissioning.  

Why LR?

LR is a renowned name in the maritime industry with a rich history stretching back over 260 years. As a leader in maritime rules and safety, it’s our mission is to provide you with the support needed to navigate a changing compliance landscape. Our multidisciplinary experts are located across the globe, ensuring we remain up to date with developing rules and safety regulations. With LR as your trusted adviser, confidence in compliance comes naturally.  

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