The need for digital transformation in the maritime industry is accelerating. As your trusted partner, we can support you in addressing industry challenges such as climate change, supply chain volatility, and future regulatory requirements. 

The shift to digital is here 

Today’s maritime industry isn’t always certain or straightforward. Maritime stakeholders need innovative solutions to address the growing challenges of the energy transition and operating in such a vast, complex industry. It’s why the industry is shifting to digital to increase safety, reduce cost and improve efficiency. 

Managing a wide-ranging, modern fleet of vessels demands live data exchange between ship and shore and interconnected, dynamic processes. Today’s decision-makers need uninhibited access to this information and the ability to combine multiple interdependent datasets to reveal insights and inform operational strategy in real time.  

By harnessing the power of data and digital correctly, you can support data-driven decision-making, optimise your operations and reveal new market opportunities. As your trusted adviser, you can leverage our new digital solutions to enhance your operations with actionable intelligence. 

Lloyd's Register
Digital class is coming, change is here​

Stay one step ahead of digital class  

The marine economy is changing and the maritime industry is moving further into the digital age. At LR, we move with the flow of digital technologies, not against them. It’s why we remain at the forefront of what’s possible

At LR, we are evolving digitally as a business toooptimising our own operational efficiency through new digital tools that improve the delivery of our classification and certification services. It’s helping enhance the client experience by making it easier and quicker to do business with us.

We are committed to working with our industry stakeholders to uncover new digitalisation opportunities to drive digital transformation at LR and across the maritime industry. Through a connected and collaborative approach, we can work effectively with our stakeholders to design optimal solutions that improve the safety of people, assets and the environment. 

Lloyd's Register OneOcean Platform 

At LR, we have years of maritime expertise and innovations. In recent years, we have grown our digital capabilities with a comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions, serving over 22,000 vessels across the world. Now we encompass all LR's digital and software capabilities under one single digital solutions platform - LR OneOcean.  

Our easy-to-use, secure platform brings market compliance, management, and performance software together to help shipowners, operators, charterers and crew drive stronger growth and efficiency in a safe, sustainable way. 

Unite your maritime digital journey

LR OneOcean is a digital solutions Platform providing a seamless connection to unite the digital journey between ship and shore. Through the Platform, we are connecting the ocean economy for greater protection, performance and progress.

Why choose LR?

Our rich heritage of world-class technical expertise underpins our solutions-focused guidance. It’s why we are redefining how future ships will be built, helping ensure crews are safer and better equipped as the industry transitions to future fuels and digital technologies. 

At LR, we have a well-established track record for achieving the highest standards. Our trusted advisers collaborate with you at every stage, drawing on digital technologies to help you realise your objectives quickly and efficiently. We work flexibly, providing you with practical solutions to your complex challenges. Our business and technical advisory service helps you identify disruptive technologies and tap into their value. 

With our support, you can be confident in driving efficiency, maximising utilisation, and developing a resilient strategy to meet the energy transition and industry challenges ahead.