As a world-leading class society, we are a trusted adviser in safety compliance across marine and offshore industries. With our regulatory expertise, we help you to transform your supply chain and asset lifecycles at every stage, from design and construction to operation and maintenance. 

Minimise your risk and enhance your asset resilience

Lloyd’s Register classification enables asset owners and operators to safely manage ships and offshore assets. Supported by our industry-leading experts and global network of surveyors and specialists, we help you to achieve your goals by managing your risk for a confident outlook.  

By working closely with you, we promptly identify operational risks to provide practical solutions that help minimise the risk to life, property and the environment. LR can help you to achieve compliance, but we go further than just that. Our trusted advisers guide you beyond what the rules outline, ensuring you build insight, intelligence, foresight and resilience into your business.    

We are trusted advisers and experts in maritime classification

Shipowners and ship operators look to experienced and respected classification societies such as Lloyd’s Register to survey and verify the ships compliance with Classification Rules and Regulations.

LR’s vessel classification extends across naval, yachts, passenger, container, tanker, bulk carrier and gas vessels. 

Bulk carrier classification  
Our comprehensive classification and consultancy services ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of bulk carriers in every major size category. 

Tanker classification
We offer a range of classification services to assure long-term safety, reliability and compliance across crude and product tankers.  

Container ship classification
LR has a well-established history of supporting the global container ship industry with classification services for vessels of all sizes.  

Gas ship classification
Our seasoned experts provide classification and consultancy services for gas ships around the world.  

New Construction Certification 

LR supports ship owners and operators to de-risk and drive efficiencies across every stage of shipbuilding. Our rich heritage of innovation, technical competency and proven ability allow us to achieve the highest build-quality standards on every new construction project. With our expertise, you can shape a resilient maritime construction strategy as we move into a zero-carbon future.   

Materials, Equipment and Components Certification

As a trusted adviser, we can guide you to develop your products with total confidence. Our highly experienced engineers and surveyors provide assurance across several areas, including safety, quality and environmental certification. At every stage of your certification journey, we ensure your compliance with robust industry standards for long-term profitability. 

Digital transformation

The maritime economy is evolving, but we're is here to help you look ahead. With our expertise, you can integrate technologies to collect and analyse your data. This helps guide an optimal approach to safety, crew wellbeing, cost reduction, compliance and efficiency. As the industry continues to change, LR’s technical expertise and trusted advice will help you to embrace new digital opportunities