In the path to net zero, having a trusted adviser matters. With our research, technical expertise and industry-firsts, you can drive forward a safe, sustainable maritime energy transition for your organisation. 

Embrace a sustainable Ocean Economy  

LR assists the maritime sector to navigate energy transition in a safe, commercially viable and scalable way. As trusted advisers, we are here to help you find a balance between the risks and opportunities of the world’s fast-changing ocean economy. 

As part of our own commitments, we will contribute to an Ocean Economy supported by zero-carbon fuels and net-zero infrastructure, compatible with globally accepted climate science. Reaching this goal requires an ongoing commitment to decarbonisation, which is why LR is focused on optimising the processes needed to get there. We help all stakeholders across the maritime value chain transition with the most appropriate steps for them – always safely and in an economically sustainable way. 

What does the future of the maritime sector look like?

Maritime global trends

Achieving your decarbonisation goals demands the right expertise. LR supports you with energy transition services across four key areas:   

  1. Advisory services 
  2. Verification services 
  3. Technical, Regulatory and Human Risk Management services 
  4. Performance Enhancement services  

Advisory Services 

As an industry leader, LR understands the needs and value chains of key maritime stakeholders. Our expertise is broad, extending through specific decarbonisation technologies into overarching energy transition plans across entire fleets and ‘fleets of fleets’.  

Comprehensive and trusted, our expert advice enables maritime organisations to manage the downstream benefits and risks of their energy transition with confidence. When combined with our innovative solutions, we provide the insights organisations need to operate profitably even while navigating the early stages of an energy transition.  

Verification Services 

With LR, accuracy and timeliness underpin our Verification Services. Our experts are ready to assist in quantifying the impact of transition decisions through lifecycle assessments and verified emission measurements. From vessel construction to total supply chain footprints, we verify the outcomes of your operational choices.  

We help you swiftly gather accurate emissions data, ensuring you can share results with the relevant stakeholders. In addition, we can also transparently and rigorously calculate emission measurements, ensuring you can confidently meet all compliance demands.  

Energy transition advisory guide

Our Energy Transition Advisory Guide to learn how to maintain your profitability in an energy transition

Risk Management Services 

LR’s expertise in Risk Management has been developed through decades of real-world experience. We are ready to assist you by conducting risk assessments that are appropriate to new-generation assets and systems, ensuring you can establish solutions that are safe and pragmatic. 

LR remains at the forefront of regulation development. In addition to our world-class Rule sets, we are key contributors to regulations developed by IMO, Flag Administrations and other regulatory body committees, giving us deep insight into the intent and reasoning behind their goals and objectives. Additionally, we develop and deliver thorough standards on hazards, operations, maintenance and training for new-generation assets.  

Performance Enhancement Services 

Optimising the use of any type of fuel – whether fossil based or a new, alternative fuel – is and will remain a crucial aspect of the maritime sector. LR provides agnostic, practical insights for a tangible impact, helping you to drive superior vessel and fleet performance in every fuel scenario. With our expertise, your organisation can thrive and occupy a leading industry position with insights that translate into informed business decision-making. 

Fuel for Thought - expertise on alternative maritime fuels

Alternative fuels have become increasingly important in the maritime sector as a response to stricter environmental regulations, giving rise to a host of implications in terms of managing costs and logistical operations

Why choose LR?

LR lies at the centre of the maritime community, connecting and guiding a wide range of industry stakeholders to a successful energy transition. We are more than a collection of industry-leading experts – we are forward-thinkers and trusted advisers.  

Our expert advice and innovative solutions are grounded in a deep understanding of the maritime industry. It’s how we assure the safety, fitness for purpose and performance of maritime assets and new technologies across all decarbonisation pathways. This is why LR can meet the evolving demands of every stakeholder and wider society to safeguard our environment. 

Find out more

Maritime Decarbonisation Hub

Every energy transition journey is different. It’s why our Maritime Decarbonisation Hub connects LR with stakeholders across the shipping value chain. We unify our industry-leading knowledge, regulatory insight, innovative research and extensive partner network to proactively support your energy transition objectives.