As an integral part of Lloyd’s Register, LR OneOcean is a digital solutions Platform providing a seamless connection to unite the digital journey between ship and shore. Through the Platform, we are connecting the ocean economy for greater protection, performance and progress.

Actionable intelligence for complete confidence 

As the maritime sector continues to digitalise, actionable intelligence matters to maritime professionals more than ever. LR OneOcean Platform is a comprehensive collection of tools that enhance data comprehension, driving performance, profitability and progress, while assisting with decision-making and reducing risk. 

How it works 

LR OneOcean accelerates data comprehension – breaking down data silos by simultaneously visualising distinct datasets on the screen. Visualised datasets can be toggled on or off and magnified at will, allowing users to focus on relevant information for improved context and enhanced clarity. APIs easily integrate with LR OneOcean for straightforward two-way data transfers and interaction with legacy systems.   

Enhancing collaboration is a huge aspect of the Platform. Every stakeholder is connected around a central source of truth, ensuring efficient and transparent communication between ship and shore. In addition, the LR OneOcean Platform acts as a single place to handle ship management, navigation, compliance, route planning, and performance optimisation.  

The Platform is built with simplicity and flexibility at heart. You can seamlessly add or remove components or customise them to your desired specifications. It provides a tailored experience to the specific needs of individual roles easily, without any downtime.