As a trusted asset assurance partner to the oil, gas and renewables industry, we can help your business to adapt and thrive in today’s changing market. 

Today’s global energy landscape has introduced novel operational challenges for offshore businesses. The global energy demand is continuing to rise, but there’s more regulatory and social pressure to reduce carbon emissions than ever before. 

We work with you to navigate these challenges, mitigate risk and demonstrate compliance with government regulations and industry codes and standards. Throughout the offshore asset lifecycle, we guide you to deliver safe, efficient and sustainable operations. We support a wide range of offshore, subsea and onshore facilities, working with you to manage your existing and future portfolio of assets optimally and profitably.  

Our global expertise is multi-disciplinary – we combine asset expertise and deep knowledge of regulatory regimes, with best-in-class process engineering and geotechnical services. This is how we bring clarity to complexity, help optimise your operation and assist you to unlock the benefits of the latest innovative technologies

Integrated Energy value chain

A successful energy transition must be secure, affordable and clean. The Integrated Energy value chain achieves this by combining three key elements into a futureproof energy mix, including hydrocarbons, renewables and power 2X. It’s a crucial step for offshore businesses looking to develop a balanced, forward-thinking energy transition strategy. 

We work with offshore businesses to ensure that existing infrastructure and facilities as well as oil and gas, are operated as cleanly as possible. In addition, we work with governments, technology providers and industry stakeholders to develop and drive clean-energy technologies forward. 


Hydrocarbons provide energy security for offshore businesses moving through a long-term energy transition. At LR, we work with offshore businesses to ensure hydrocarbon use is as clean as possible through various strategies, including decarbonisation, reducing emissions, carbon capture, and electrification. 


Offshore renewables generate clean electrical energy to lessen the dependency on hydrocarbons and enable sustainable fuels to be produced. LR focuses on the supply of complex and innovative offshore renewable technologies, including fixed-bottom wind, floating wind, and wave and tidal. However, we can work with onshore renewables if they feed into an offshore system. 

Our Windfarm Project Certification services

Power 2X 

Power 2X is being driven forward by renewables and sustainable energies. However, many of these transformative technologies are still being developed for commercial use. Hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol technologies aren’t energy-dense enough to be commercially viable yet. However, nuclear energy is energy-dense and is now considered sustainable. LR is actively working with technology providers to implement clean nuclear solutions for organisations’ energy transitions and decarbonisation efforts. 

Our network of global experts is available to support your business wherever your next venture takes you. With 70% of assets being deployed in harsh environments, you can be confident that we have the expertise needed for success.
sean van der post

Sean Van Der Post

Global Offshore Business Director at Lloyd's Register

World firsts

1984 TLP “Hutton” 1986 Disconnectable FPSO “Jabiru Venture” 1989 DP FPSO “Seillean” 1997 FPSO “Castellon” 1999 Set of Risk Based Rules for FOU
2001 FPSO for Atlantic Canada “Terra Nova”     2009 Ship-shaped disconnectable DP FPU “Helix Producer 1” Purpose-designed FPSO for the North Sea “Captain” Deepwater Semi FPS “Gumusut” FLNG for Australian Waters “Prelude”

How we can help

  • Asset lifecycle planning and management
  • Asset of the future
  • Energy transition
  • Decommissioning and recycling
  • Remote services

At LR, we help you to reduce and optimise your operating costs to increase your overall return on investment. Whether designing a new asset, operating an existing one or extending the life of an operation, LR is here to assist you.  

Project costs are rising and squeezing profit potential. LR can help you to minimise up-front capital costs by making smart, robust technology investment decisions to optimise your spending and futureproof your assets.   

Maintain your market relevance and safeguard your future by preparing for tomorrow’s energy supply chain, today. With LR’s leading expertise in renewable energy integration and decarbonisation projects, we can help you adapt your operation for the challenges ahead.  

Transitioning from late-life management to the decommissioning of assets doesn’t need to be daunting. With LR’s trusted advice and expert solutions, you can confidently navigate regulatory, legal and technical complexities for end-of-life strategies across your maturing assets.

With LR, you can connect to our industry-leading experts whenever and wherever you need us. Through remote technologies, our specialists can fulfil a broad range of maintenance activities and inspections in real time. This helps to reduce delays while removing the costs and environmental impact of travel.

Keeping verification on-track remotely

Remote survey used for routine testing onboard Hebron, operated by ExxonMobil Canada Properties


Why choose LR?

As the industry’s trusted adviser, we are perfectly positioned to help you deliver safe, efficient and sustainable operations across the entire supply chain. By taking a pragmatic, outcome-driven approach, our experts will ensure your assets are designed, constructed and operated in the safest, most efficient way possible.

Our network of global specialists operates from the key upstream hubs to the harshest, most remote parts of the planet. This allows us to provide in-depth knowledge of local operating conditions no matter where you are in the world – ensuring you receive tailored, precise and expert assistance whenever required.

At LR, we are committed to continually sharing multidisciplinary and regional information and project expertise with our clients. It’s why our rich technical and industry experience is relied on by businesses across the globe. Our service is supported by our unrivalled industry heritage and strategic partnerships with operators, regulatory bodies and national governments.

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