​sustainable HYdrogen powered Shipping.


sHYpS project with an overall budget of 16.10 M€ over 4 years aims at supporting the decarbonisation of the shipping industry, by leveraging on previous and on-going work and investment made by Viking and some consortium members. It will develop a hydrogen-based solution, which can be adapted to multiple types of vessels and in some cases can already achieve IMO's target for 2030 and 2050 as highlighted below:

  • novel hydrogen storage intermodal 40' ISO c-type container,
  • detailed design of modular containerised powertrain based on optimised PEM Fuel Cells and their dedicated logistics.

Project objectives

To achieve this target, the sHYpS project will address 8 Specific Objectives:

  1. Design, building and testing a prototype of an intermodal ISO 40 LH2 container and of its evaporator
  2. Detailed design of a 6MW PEM fuel cell powertrain for optimized operation reaching 55% peak efficiency
  3. Integrate the LH2 storage system, the fuel handling system and the electric connection to the ship backbone, onboard one Viking’s newbuild cruise ship registered under Norwegian flag by 2024/2025.
  4. Complete testing at components level to get Lloyd’s review, and test the full system onboard “ready-to-burn” with a reduced 400 kW Fuel Cell module at the shipyard and during the shakedown cruise
  5. Demonstrate that an LH2 container supply chain is viable in the short-term without the bottleneck of bunkering facilities.
  6. Demonstrate the scalability of the LH2 system and its logistics
  7. Develop a solution which is fully adaptable to many kinds of ships with a conceptual design for 5,000 DWT and 8,000 DWT / 700 TEU cargo and containers vessels
  8. Increase knowledge and expertise on hydrogen-as-a-fuel pertinent rules for marine application


2022 -2026

sHYpS Partners


  • VIKING Hydrogen, Norway (VIKH)
  • CENERGY, Italy (CEN)
  • Uty of Trieste, Italy (UNITS)
  • PLUG, France (PLP)
  • JEUMONT, France (JEU)
  • Port of BERGEN, Norway (PoB)
  • Kontor17, Germany (K17)
  • PNO, Italy (PNO)
  • RICARDO, Czechia (RICCZ)

sHYpS Associated Partners

  • Lloyd's Register, UK (LLOYDS)


EU flagThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe
Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No. 1010569

UKRI logoLR is funded by Innovate UK under project agreement No. 10039049 https://www.sHYpS.eu/