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Case Study

Peter Döhle Group: optimally organised with Cloud Fleet Manager.

Waves breaking over the bow of a ship

Their challenge

Sharing information across the whole company – onshore and offshore

With more than 6,800 employees, the Peter Döhle Group is one of the world's leading providers of shipping services. Its fleet of over 500 ships includes container and multi-purpose vessels as well as bulk carriers. It charters, purchases and sells vessels as well as providing a wide range of other services to its clients.

As a global company, Peter Döhle Group needed to share information quickly and reliably. But separate systems had created numerous data silos that made distributing information slow and unreliable.

The company wanted to make onshore office staff, its offshore crews and external partners an integral part of the company’s internal business processes. By providing near-real time access to a central database and workflow tools, it aimed to speed up reaction times, reduce waste and remove numerous other barriers to efficient working such as slow email delivery.

To provide this seamless, company-wide, global collaboration, it needed a central, scalable software platform that would provide up-to-date, reliable information, regardless of time, location or the hardware platform employed by its various users. That system also had to have flexible process automation with functionality that would cope with the specific demands of a global chartering business.

Our response

During the selection process, Cloud Fleet Manager scored highly with the most modern technology and an established shipping customer base – backed by specialised industry expertise. Its open APIs made interfacing the platform to in-house systems easy while its configurable business workflows could quickly be bespoked to match Peter Döhle's particular needs.

Once chosen in 2015, the new application was rolled out equally swiftly. Within a few days, the core data was in place and Cloud Ship Manager installed onboard vessels. Staff rapidly adjusted to the new system, with little training required. By gradually introducing modules one by one, Peter Döhle Group was able to get up and running quickly and see real ROI early in the implementation.

Today, the Cloud Fleet Manager portal functions as a central, company-wide communication and information platform. With vessels and crews part of business processes, every staff member acts as part of the same cohesive, global team. Everyone – including external business partners where appropriate – accesses a single, trustworthy and current version of the company’s data, presented within logical, user-friendly workflow modules.

The benefits

Common data and shared processes boost efficiency, safety and performance

Cloud Fleet Manager has dramatically reduced the need for time-consuming and unreliable information exchange methods such as swapping spreadsheets by email. Backed by Cloud Fleet Manager, Peter Döhle Group is now starting to optimise all its operation and business planning processes.

The Inspection Report module is a good example. Using it as a native app on smartphones and tablets, inspectors can capture observations directly, attach pictures and take notes, then synchronise the report with the cloud platform. The results are available for all managers directly after leaving the vessel. By making their work considerably simpler to organise, Inspection Report has driven significant increases in ship inspectors’ productivity.

Constant behind-the-scenes updates and upgrades to the web platform means that Cloud Fleet Manager requires little or no effort from the company’s IT department. Delighted with the success of the implementation, Peter Döhle Group continues to roll out new modules globally, the latest being Cloud Crewing for crew management.

A great quality improvement with reduced complexity.

Carsten Methe

Project Manager, Peter Döhle Group

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