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Class News 13/2016

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Statutory Alert: Carriage of bauxite – warning about possible dangers of liquefaction.

16 March, 2016

Applicability: All shipowners and operators involved in the carriage of solid bulk cargoes

The IMO’s Carriage of Cargo and Containers (CCC) Sub-Committee has published circular CCC.1/Circ.2 on Carriage of Bauxite that may Liquefy.

This urges ship Masters not to accept bauxite for carriage unless:

  • the moisture limit for the cargo to be loaded is certified as less than the indicative moisture limit of 10% and the particle size distribution is as detailed in the individual schedule for bauxite in the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC) Code; or
  • the cargo is declared as Group A (cargoes that may liquefy) and the shipper declares the transportable moisture limit (TML) and moisture content; or
  • the Master is presented with an assessment that the cargo does not present Group A properties.

This advice follows findings from the Bulk Jupiter accident investigation, which have triggered the re-assessment of the cargo. The conclusions of this re-assessment will be included in future amendments to the IMSBC Code. Currently, bauxite is assessed as a Group C cargo (cargoes not liable to liquefaction) under the Code.
Guidance on carrying solid bulk cargoes safely 
Lloyd's Register, the UK P&I Club, and Intercargo have produced a pocket guide for ships' officers and agents who arrange cargoes for loading.
This outlines the precautions to be taken before accepting solid bulk cargoes for shipment; sets out procedures for safe loading and carriage; details the primary hazards associated with different types of cargo; and underlines the importance of proper cargo declarations. A quick reference checklist and flowchart summarise the steps to be followed.
A PDF of both the pocket guide and flowchart can be downloaded at www.lr.org/imsbc and printed copies of the pocket guide can be ordered from the LR webstore

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