Our newly launched Global Technical Client Care team is a collection of LR technical experts from across the world, focusing on making it easier for you to consistently access LR’s technical expertise. With a presence in over 20 countries and regular monitoring of incoming technical enquiries, this global team ensures prompt connection to the right technical expertise, recognizing the diverse operational schedules of your business.

How it works:

  1. Submitting an enquiry: To initiate an enquiry, simply send an email to TechnicalExperts@lr.org. In the email subject, please include essential details such as the vessel name, IMO number, and a brief description of your enquiry. If you're a LR Client Portal user, you can also use it to raise and track your technical enquiries.

  2. Assignment to an expert: Upon receiving your inquiry, our team will assess and assign it to the most suitable expert for further handling. Once assigned, you will receive an email with the contact details of the expert managing your case.

  3. Resolution of your enquiry: Your expert will keep you informed about the progress and provide you with the final resolution to your enquiry. For any subsequent email correspondence related to the same case, please keep the email subject unchanged to help us track communication effectively.

When to reach out:

We are here to help you for technical enquiries such as:

  • Interpretation or application of LR Rules or International/Regional Regulations
  • Postponement requests
  • Extensions related to the application of various conventions
  • Compliance challenges such as certificates nearing expiration, critical equipment malfunctions, port requirements, repair inquiries
  • Port State Control (PSC) issues
  • Chartering challenges associated with technical issues, such as specific cargo loading concerns

Next time you have a technical enquiry, your global technical client care team are here to help.

Thank you from your Global Technical Client Care Team.

Meet the Global Technical Client Care Leadership Team


Theodosis Stamatellos

Global Technical Client Care Director - Greece, Athens

Marmo Notara

Marmo Notara

Global Technical Client Care Team Manager - Greece, Athens

Maglaras George

George Maglaras

Global Technical Client Care Manager - Greece, Athens


Barry Gething

Global Technical Client Care Manager - UAE, Dubai

Jakob Simonsen

Jakob Simonsen

Global Technical Client Care Manager - Denmark, Copenhagen

  • Attendance Requests
  • Urgent Surveys

For attendance requests, please log in to your client portal. 

Login to the client portal

To arrange urgent assistance please call +44 208 052 1111

So we can help you, please make sure you have the following information:

  • Vessel information (IMO number / name / Company)
  • Your contact details
  • Vessel's contact details
  • Port details
  • Nature of urgency

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