At LR we take a holistic approach to validation, verification and Classification, helping you to effectively manage these interfaces, reducing the potential for duplication or omissions and ensuring that compliance activities provide real value.


Offshore assets are frequently very technically challenging and projects are genuinely global in nature, featuring extended supply chains. Our experience in this area has given us a great capability in managing complex projects, and a proven ability to put together teams with exactly the right mix of skills, knowledge and experience to get the job done. Equally, in dynamic situations where you need to move fast, our expertise means we can develop simple, effective solutions that can be deployed quickly at minimum cost.

What we offer

Technical Advisory Services

We assist you in helping define your project's scope and identify potential risks during its early stages. In later phases, we can assist you in overcoming the inevitable technical challenges which arise.

Typical Services include:

  • Approval in Principle (AIP) or Technology Qualification (TQ)
  • Risk Studies, QRA
  • Design Appraisal for FEED and detailed design
  • Materials suitability and selection
  • Corrosion risk analyses
  • Structural strength and fatigue analyses
  • Static and dynamic flexible riser analyses
  • Pipeline systems analyses
  • Hydrodynamics, motions and moorings analyses
  • Finite element analyses
  • Support in procurement and contracting strategies


By choosing to class your vessel with us, you agree to build and maintain your offshore unit in compliance with our Rules. Our Rules ensure that the technology used, new or existing, is fit for purpose and operates in compliance with the most appropriate standards. We work with you to review the design and engineering for a new construction or modification project. During construction and commissioning, we monitor progress, conduct inspections, and offer guidance when required, to ensure the Rules are being followed and applied correctly. We also survey in-service units to ensure they continue to comply with our Rules and remain 'in Class'.


Our independent certification services include:

  • practical experience and expertise in all aspects of the strategic and operational management of safety, reliability, business and project risk
  • access to independent multi-disciplinary teams with competence across all aspects of design, construction, risk management, monitoring and inspection for pipelines in all environments, both onshore and offshore, out to the most extreme depths
  • in-depth knowledge of specific regulatory regimes
  • a tailored service to provide a cost-effective solution focused on your concerns to enhance your project

Independent verification and validation

As an independent third-party we provide both verification and validation in accordance with local regulations.

Our services include:

  • acting as an Independent Verification Body (IVB), Validator or Certified Verification Agent (CVA)
  • Independent confirmation of the suitability of your inspection schemes
  • Verification of design, construction, manufacture, commissioning and installation
  • In-service verification of offshore (and, where necessary, onshore) installations.

Vendor equipment supply chain assurance

We can provide you with the comprehensive assurance that extended supply chains can be relied upon to provide you with the quality you expect. Our verification provides assurance that the materials, equipment, components and systems purchased from suppliers throughout the supply chain, meet with the prescribed specifications, and are in compliance with the applicable codes, standards and regulations.

What are the benefits?

Our services ensure that compliance is confirmed as effectively as possible, improving safety and overall project performance.

Our reputation for quality provides confidence to all your various stakeholders.

With experience in over 1,000 major global offshore projects, our verification and validation services provide you with the best possible assurance that your offshore equipment can be expected to perform safely and reliably.

We provide global coordination and facilitation managed through a tried and tested Project Management function.

Why choose LR?

Whether you need a Classification, verification or certification solution, our independence and expertise are recognised by regulators worldwide. In fact, we work with many of them to develop and update their regulations. This gives us unique insights, which lead to pragmatic and robust solutions in which you and your stakeholders can have complete confidence.