Applicability: All owners and operators of Panamanian flagged vessels

Please note: this Class News is a reissue and replaces the version sent on 14 March 2017. It has been amended to add an instruction to shipowners to submit copies of IBWMCs issued by the PMA.

Further to Class News No. 30/2016, the Panamanian administration acceded to the BWM Convention on 19 October 2016. The Panama Maritime Authority (PMA) has issued Merchant Maine Circular MMC-345 with instructions for the implementation of the BWM Convention to Panamanian flagged vessels.

The PMA has authorised Lloyd’s Register (LR) to carry out initial surveys for the BWM Convention and issue provisional certification, with full-term international ballast water management certificates (IBWMCs) being subsequently issued by the PMA.

Applications for full-term IBWMCs can be made to the PMA and should be made through the following link ( from 15 March 2017.

The full-term IBWMCs will be issued by the PMA Segumar Offices (including branch offices) after receiving electronic copies of the following documents:

  • Short-term or provisional certificate or statement of compliance issued by LR;
  • Survey report; and
  • Ballast water management plan (BWMP) approval

The PMA requires BWMPs to be submitted to them for approval as per paragraph 4.5 of their notice. The PMA has clarified that any BWMP that was previously approved by LR (or another Recognised Organisation) as compliant with IMO Resolution A.868(20) will remain valid and will not need re-approval by the PMA until the BWMP is altered due to installation of a ballast water management system. The BWMPs that were previously approved by LR (or another Recognised Organisation) as compliant with the later guidelines in IMO Resolution MEPC.127(53) will need to be reapproved in all cases.

Shipowners should, if necessary, request LR to carry out an initial survey and issue provisional certification, and apply to the PMA for a full-term IBWMC as soon as possible.

Shipowners should forward a scanned copy of any IBWM Certificate issued by Panama Maritime Authority to Lloyd’s Register for our confirmation of the survey schedule and the expiry date of IBWM Certificate. Hard copies of the certificates should be retained on board to allow for endorsing periodical surveys.

Note: This requirement is not related to transit voyages of the Panama canal.

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