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In January 2023, the Dutch Safety Board issued a safety notice for rocket parachute flares relating to the model “L-35/L-35A” manufactured by LECEA Sistemas Pirotécnicos Avanzados, S.A. The manufacturer has also issued a recall notice

The Dutch Safety Board calls on all owners of Red Rocket Parachute Flare from Pirolec, type L-35/ L35A, batch 0525/2021 – 113, to stop using flares from this batch and replace them. If in doubt, the operators should contact the manufacturer at
This safety alert follows a fatal incident onboard a Dutch vessel, when a flare reportedly exploded prematurely during an attempted launch. SOLAS requires that “Not less than 12 rocket parachute flares, complying with the requirements of the LSA Code, shall be carried and be stowed on or near the navigation bridge”.

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