Applicability: all customer users of LR Class Direct.

Lloyd’s Register (LR) is pleased to announce improvements to its Enhanced Survey Programme (ESP) services. As well as continuing to supply hard copies of the ESP Survey File issued by LR on completion of the special survey, our customers now also have online access to all the content of the ESP Survey File via the LR Class Direct (LRCD) portal, including any subsequent updated reports. 

This offers a much quicker method to demonstrate your ships’ compliance with the IMO ESP Code to third parties and makes these key documents available whenever you need them. 

The ESP Survey File 

This is issued by LR on completion of the special survey for all ships classed with ESP notation in compliance with the IMO ESP Code. The ESP Survey File includes: 

  • The ESP Executive Hull Summary for the special survey
  • The approved ESP survey programme 
  • Any survey and thickness measurement reports.

Accessing ESP Survey File documents on the LRCD portal

To access the ESP Executive Hull Summary on your ship, please enter “Survey History” on the LRCD portal under the aforementioned vessel. LR will upload the ESP Survey File documents under the Final special survey report that completed the survey and assigned class for another five years to the ship. These are highlighted with a green indicator on the screen.
Additional indicators highlight the different parts of the ESP Survey File available for download in PDF file format.
TM: Thickness Measurement report 
ESP: ESP Report  
EHS: ESP Executive Hull Summary 
ASP: Approved ESP Survey Programme 

To access these files, please click on the report and enter the List of Surveys included in the job. Various Downloads will be available on the right side of the screen. 

Please select the final option: “Download ESP Survey File Documents”.

Click here to see the supporting document with diagrams.

You will be able to access a copy of the approved ESP survey programme to commence the special survey. A copy of the ESP Executive Hull Summary is also available for download on completion of the special survey.

Quicker access to documents

Making these key ESP ship documents accessible online means, you can obtain copies much faster to demonstrate your vessel’s compliance with the ESP Code to any third parties and access the documents whenever you need them. 

For any additional guidance or clarifications on how to access the ESP Survey File in the LRCD portal, please contact your local LR office.