Applicability: All owners and operators of Liberian flagged vessels

Further to Class News No. 30/2016, the Liberian Administration acceded to the BWM Convention in 2008. The Liberia Maritime Authority has issued Marine Operations Notice 02/2017 with instructions for the implementation of the Convention on Liberian flagged vessels.

The Liberian Administration has informed its Recognised Organisations (ROs) that, from 22 April 2017, it will review and approve all ballast water management plans (BWMPs) for D-1 (exchange) and issue International Ballast Water Management Certificates (IBWMCs) for existing Liberian flagged ships implementing only the ballast water exchange standard in regulation D-1. Although not stated in the Liberian notice, the Administration has confirmed it will also approve BWMPs for D-2 (treatment) compliance.

BWMPs that have already been approved by an authorised RO remain valid until the plan requires revision, due to the implementation of the ballast water performance standard in regulation D-2 (treatment). IBWMCs already issued by Lloyd’s Register (LR), as an authorised RO, will remain valid; the Liberian Administration has confirmed that LR is authorised to continue carrying out the ballast water surveys necessary for maintaining and renewing these IBWMCs.

For vessels that operate under regulation D-2 (treatment) only, or operate under regulation D-1 (exchange) and regulation D-2 (treatment), the Liberia Maritime Authority has authorised LR to carry out surveys and issue IBWMCs.

Owners and operators of Liberian flagged ships requiring the approval of BWMPs (for D-1 and/or D-2 compliance) or requiring issuance of IBWMCs for vessels implementing only regulation D-1 (exchange) should contact the Administration at

Plans relating to new installations of ballast water treatment systems should be submitted to both the Liberia Maritime Authority and also to LR for approval against the applicable Convention and class rule requirements, respectively.

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