Applicability: shipowners, ship operators, ship managers, ship masters, manufacturers and agents.

Please be advised that, with immediate effect, the Dalian local government in China’s Liaoning Province has instigated the following COVID-19 restrictions:

  1. Surveyors attending Ship Repair/Dry Dock facilities in Dalian are to live in a defined inclusion zone for the duration of the ship repair. This requires surveyors to quarantine for the duration of the work, typically 2-3 ​​​​​weeks depending on the refit.
  2. Once the work is finished, surveyors are then required to spend 14 days in centralised quarantine in a government facility followed by a further 7 days of home quarantine.       

These new regulations apply to all service suppliers and will affect all survey and inspection activity performed by Lloyd’s Register (LR) and all other Recognised Organisations. 

Other Chinese ports

While these restrictions currently apply to Dalian, other ports in China have adopted similar protocols and more ports may follow. 

What LR clients should do now

Clients should consider these new regulations in the forward planning of dry docking and ship repair work in Dalian at this time. Where possible, LR will endeavour to maximise the adoption of Remote Survey procedures to minimise disruption. However, regulation for certain surveys requires mandatory attendance.

Further information

Please contact your account manager first for more specific details and to discuss your survey needs in China.