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The Liberian Maritime Authority has revised its Marine Notice NAV-001, which includes new requirements for ships that use Electronic Nautical Publications (ENPs) and the Nautical Charts and Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS).

The most significant changes relate to Electronic Nautical Publications; Section 3 of Marine Notice NAV-001 includes requirements for ENPs as follows:

  • Hardware (i.e. computer systems) on which publications are displayed

  • Power supply of hardware

  • Cyber risk

  • Training & User Instructions

  • Software licenses

  • Status checks

Compliance deadline
The Liberia Flag Administration has asked its Recognised Organisations for Liberia registered existing ships, which use ENPs, to confirm compliance with the requirements of Section 3 of Marine Notice NAV-001 Rev. 02/22 (or later revision), no later than the next intermediate or renewal safety equipment survey, whichever is earlier. 
What should shipowners and operators do now?
Operators of ships which use ENPs should ensure compliance with the Section 3 requirements before the vessel’s next safety equipment intermediate or renewal safety equipment survey.

Please contact the Liberian Flag Administration for any queries relating to interpretation of the requirements. 

SOLAS requirements
SOLAS requires ships to carry all the adequate and up-to-date charts and nautical publications necessary for an intended voyage. These nautical publications include sailing directions, lists of lights, notices to mariners and tide tables. These charts and publications may be displayed partly or fully by electronic means (see SOLAS regulations V/ and V/27).

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