Applicability: shipowners, ship operators, ship managers and ship masters.

The current capacity crunch in the container market offers bulk carriers a unique opportunity to cater for the overflow.
This provides bulk carriers with more options to explore additional revenue streams, taking advantage of the present high freight rates in the container segment. 

How LR can help

Engaging with class offers peace of mind, ensuring that safety standards are met in terms of stowage and lashing, as well as structural, strength and statutory considerations.

LR can ensure safe and sustained operational effectiveness by providing:

  • Timely action to make sure safety considerations are met within the commercial constraints of each individual voyage requirement.
  • Verification of the Cargo Securing Manual and Container Securing Arrangement, based on the load plan.
  • Local strength checks in tandem with cargo prospects.
  • Checks on visibility, stability and carriage requirements of dangerous goods.
  • Advice and analysis can be completed remotely without the need for an onboard survey.

Further information

Please contact your account manager for more specific details or contact your local LR office

Technical Matters: Loading containers onto bulk carriers, safely and sustainably.