Applicability: Owners and managers of cargo ships carrying timber deck cargoes

A new paragraph has been added to the icing considerations contained in Part B, Chapter 6.2 of the International Code on Intact Stability, 2008.
This provides cargo ships carrying timber deck cargoes with an explicit formula for calculating the ice accretion weight, and stipulates the ways in which the ice should be distributed over the timber deck region.
The new formula considers the ship length, freeboard height and the length of the bow flare region.
Regulation 44(7) of the International Load Line Convention and the Codes of Safe Practice for Ships Carrying Timber Deck Cargoes already have requirements to consider the effects of icing on the stability of the vessel, if applicable.
Owners of existing vessels carrying timber deck cargoes, intending to operate the ship in ice forming areas, should give consideration to having their vessel’s stability manual reappraised, using this new more explicit ice accretion calculation.
For exact details of the amendment, see IMO Resolution MSC.398(95)

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