Applicability: Owners and operators of ships greater than 5,000 gt making commercial voyages into, out of or between EU ports.

Further to Class News 42/2016, two sub-groups of the European Sustainable Shipping Forum have released guidance to support the industry in complying with Regulation (EU) 2015/757 on the monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from shipping activities, known as the MRV regulation.

The sub-groups have developed guidance for the industry on various aspects of monitoring and reporting, and verification and accreditation. It should be noted that this has not been adopted as official European Commission guidance, and is therefore labelled as draft guidance, but it has been published on the European Commission’s website to make it available for industry reference when working towards compliance with MRV. Lloyd’s Register has been an active participant in the MRV sub-groups.

The guidance is available here. It is provided under the “Meeting of 17 May 2017” sections for both the Verification and Accreditation sub-group and the Monitoring and Reporting sub-group.

As reported in Class News 03/2017, LRQA has been accredited to globally deliver services for the assessment of monitoring plans and the verification of emission reports for maritime transport that is subject to the EU MRV regulation. 

Owners and operators of ships to which the MRV regulation applies are reminded that monitoring plans need to be prepared and submitted for review by an accredited verifier by the deadline of 31 August 2017.

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