Applicability: designers, shipbuilders and steel manufacturers.

From 1 January 2022, Lloyd’s Register’s Rules for Materials (Rules for the Manufacture, Testing and Certification of Materials) will include requirements for  HY100 grade (high strength) steel.

The inclusion of this grade complements the previous addition of Q1N grade (high strength, submarine grade) steel for submersible craft.

Submarine grade steel

Lloyd’s Register’s Rules (LR Rules) for these steel grades (designated ‘Special Application’) follow a goal-based approach, containing high level goals as well as functional and performance requirements.

The Rules for Materials also contain a ‘defined solution’ for these high strength grades, by following the prescriptive requirements contained within the Rules. 

This dual approach (both goal-based and prescriptive) provides flexibility for the steel manufacturer wishing to obtain LR approval for submarine grade, high strength steel.

Welding, fabrication, and welding consumables 

LR Rules also contain new requirements for welding consumable grades (to complement the steel grades), as well as welding procedure and fabrication requirements. 

These Rules specifications are also goal-based and prescriptive (defined solution), enabling shipbuilders and welding consumable manufacturers to achieve the necessary requirements. In this way, the prescriptive solutions provide a ‘pre-approved’ route to acceptance and certification of the material, welding and inspection/testing requirements.

International level of quality

As a respected member of IACS (International Association of Classification Societies), LR continually develops and enhances the Rules to adopt new technology and industry practices. Adding these material grades to LR Rules allows submarine builders and equipment manufacturers to ensure their specifications are in accordance with LR Rules when requesting LR certified submarine materials. 

This provides an internationally recognised level of quality through LR’s assurance processes of works approval, material inspection, test and qualification. Material production is assured by our global network of independent surveyors, from material pour to hard stamping. 

Further information

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