Applicability: Owners and operators of ships that will undergo In-Water Survey

Lloyd’s Register has recently re-appraised its guidance on locations where an In-Water Survey may be carried out.

Traditionally, these locations were known as ‘Approved Locations’, and while an In-Water Survey could be carried out at a proposed location outside of these, this required special consideration.

Following worldwide consultation across all our local offices, we have now published ‘Suggested IWS Locations’ that are searchable by country. These are locations where satisfactory conditions have previously been demonstrated to be suitable for carrying out In-Water Surveys. To search the locations, go to the left-hand navigation of the Class Direct ‘Approvals’ section here and click ‘Suggested IWS Locations’. No log-in is required.

There is no longer a requirement to use an ‘Approved Location’, though the suggested IWS locations are considered to offer the best opportunity to carry out a satisfactory In-Water Survey.

Owners and operators are reminded that underwater conditions can deteriorate through pollution, seasonal factors, weather, tidal conditions and other causes, and the suitability of a suggested location may have to be re-assessed if it has been a long time since the last recorded In-Water Survey.

IACS requirements for In-Water Survey location
We would like to remind owners and operators of the following IACS requirements for In-Water Survey:

“The In-water Survey is to be carried out with the ship in sheltered water and preferably with weak tidal streams and currents. The in-water visibility and the cleanliness of the hull below the waterline is to be clear enough to permit a meaningful examination which allows the surveyor and diver to determine the condition of the plating, appendages and the welding. The Classification Society is to be satisfied with the methods of orientation of the divers on the plating, which should make use where necessary of permanent markings on the plating at selected points.”

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