Applicability: Thickness measurement service suppliers and owners/operators of Lloyd’s Register classed ships

Argonaut, Lloyd’s Register’s new software for thickness measurement (TM) reporting, has been launched today and released to all LR surveyors and approved thickness measurement service suppliers. All new TM reports for periodical ship surveys must now be completed using Argonaut, unless there are exceptional circumstances which are accepted by the surveyor.

Thickness measurement service suppliers should visit Lloyd's Register's website and download our updated Thickness Measurement and Close up Survey guidance document.

About Argonaut

Argonaut is a complete TM report solution for both ships built under the Common Structural Rules (CSR) and non-CSR ships*. It has been designed to improve the thickness measurement reporting process, with key features including: mass data entry; enhanced data verification; instant export of reports to PDF; electronic report approval; and the ability to upload reports to Class Direct, enabling owners and operators to gain instant access to historical TM reports for their ships.

Note: Reports that are not completed using Argonaut cannot be uploaded to Class Direct and will need to be submitted electronically to LR in PDF format. These reports will not be accessible in Class Direct.

Downloading Argonaut, online training and ongoing support

Argonaut is available to download through Lloyd's Registers website where you can also find supporting video training modules. You can also request Argonaut on CD ROM from your local Lloyd’s Register office. 


If you require software support, please contact your local Lloyd’s Register office. If the query cannot be resolved locally, the office will pass it to our dedicated software support team.

Previous LR TM software

The previous LR TM software packages, Access 3.1 and TMCalc, will remain active for a further three years so that past thickness measurement reports can be reviewed between consecutive dry-dockings.

Procedure 17-1 – Thickness Measurement of Hull Structure

Owners and approved TM service suppliers should note that the Approval Procedure for Thickness Measurement of Hull Structure (under Procedure 17-1) has been updated and is contained within the Appendix to the Thickness Measurement and Close up Survey guidance document. All approved service suppliers should comply with the updated procedure for any new survey.

*Common Structural Rules ships follow the wastage allowance concept. Assessment against both local and overall hull girder wastage criteria is required during the operational life of the vessel. Steel renewal is required if either the local or overall hull girder wastage allowance is exceeded.

For further information 

Speak to one of our experts at your local Lloyd's Register office.