Applicability: All shipowners and operators of vessels. 

The EU Commission’s Safety Gate rapid alert system has issued Alert Number A12/01695/23 for defective AWG fire hose nozzles. 

The affected nozzles are detailed below:

  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Type HS 10, HS 12, HS 16, HS 20
  • They are marked with batch no. “EN15182-1/3 2015” on the nozzle cap and “55” marked inside the orange tube.
  • The suspected defective nozzles were most likely supplied during weeks 24 to 37 in 2015. 

According to the EU notice the product is defective and does not comply with the Marine Equipment Directive requirements or the European standard EN 15182-1.

Risk of bursting

The EU notice states that the nozzle is not robust enough to withstand working pressure of 16 bar and may burst. As a result, the user may get injured due to bursting or suffer burns due to failed firefighting.

Recall notice

The safety recall notice issued by manufacturer AWG Fittings GmbH, dated “5 October 2015”, and the EU notice include pictures on how to identify such nozzles.  

What we advise shipowners and ship operators to do now?

We advise shipowners of ships fitted with such nozzles to stop using the recalled nozzles immediately and to contact the manufacturer and replace the recalled nozzles with a nozzle that complies with the relevant SOLAS requirements.

For further information

For further information or advice, please get in touch with your local Lloyd's Register office or contact

Download PDF of Class News 23/23