Applicability: All shipowners and ship operators of ships fitted with overridable engine/shaft power limitation.

Many ship operators are choosing to employ overridable power limitation on ships to assist in meeting the increasing need for energy efficiency and the latest related MARPOL Annex VI requirements. Overridable engine power limitation (EPL) or overridable shaft power limitation (SHaPoLi) are commonly used to improve a ship’s attained Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) performance. 

Overridable Power Limitation is required to comply with the “2021 Guidelines on the Shaft/Engine Power Limitation System to Comply with the EEXI Requirements and Use of a Power Reserve”, contained in Resolution MEPC.335(76), as amended by Resolution MEPC.375(80).  

Recording override or power reserve use

Any use of a power reserve should be recorded in the record page of the Onboard Management Manual (OMM) for SHaPoLi/EPL, as per section 3.4 of MEPC.335(76), as amended.

Where an EPL/ShaPoLi override is activated, but the power reserve is not subsequently used, this should be recorded in the bridge and engine-room logbooks. The EPL/ShaPoLi should be reset as soon as possible, and details of the reset should also be recorded in the bridge and engine-room logbooks (see section 3.3 of MEPC.335(76)).

Reporting override or power reserve use

In case of having used a power reserve, the ship should without delay notify its flag Administration or LR (if LR has issued the ship’s energy efficiency certificate) and the competent authority of the relevant port of destination with the information recorded, as per section 3.4 of MEPC.335(76), as amended.

Reactivating or resetting of EPL/ShaPoLi

Where the EPL/ShaPoLi override is activated regardless whether the power reserve has been used or not, the reactivation or replacement of the SHaPoLi/EPL system should be confirmed (e.g. validation of mechanical sealing) with supporting evidence (e.g. engine power log, photo taken at the occasion of resetting the mechanical sealing) by the flag Administration or LR at the earliest opportunity (see section 3.5 of MEPC.335(76)).

To find further information from each flag Administration relating to who and what to report, please visit the Country Files in LR Class Direct

What we advise shipowners and ship operators to do now

Where the ship’s flag Administration requests ship operators to report SHaPoLi/EPL activation or power reserve use to LR, ship operators can now submit the information via a dedicated form here on our website.

Reporting of use of the power reserve

For further information

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