Applicability: All shipowners and operators

Hyundai Lifeboats Co. Ltd. has issued a safety notice related to their release hook models TALON II 4.0 and 6.0. This has been issued because of an incident on board a vessel during a drill where an empty lifeboat was being lowered and one of the lifeboat’s TALON II hooks became detached from the davit fall master link (lifting ring).

The hook did not open during the incident and investigations carried out by the manufacturer pointed to the incident being caused by interference between the davit fall master link and the hook’s ‘self-closer’ (manual closer) when the boat hit the water in choppy conditions. The manufacturer has modified the design of the hook’s self-closer and the modifications have been tested and approved by Lloyd Register.

It is recommended to avoid lowering lifeboats fitted with the TALON II hooks into the water during drills, until the approved modifications can be completed. Also, as an interim measure, the manufacturer recommends that if lifeboats fitted with the TALON II hooks need to be launched, they are launched in the on-load condition. Another recommended interim measure is the use of foul-weather strops when recovering lifeboats fitted with these TALON II hooks.

The incident has highlighted the importance of the design of the lifeboat davit fall master link (which is usually supplied by the launching appliance manufacturer) and its interaction with the release hook.

What should owners and operators do now?

Owners and operators of vessels which have lifeboats fitted with release hook models TALON II 4.0 and 6.0 should contact the manufacturer and arrange for all necessary modifications to be carried out under survey. Owners should also check with the release hook manufacturer to confirm that the design of the davit fall link on their vessel is suitable for use with their lifeboat release hooks.

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