Applicability: Owners and operators of ships greater than 5,000 gt making commercial voyages into, out of or between EU ports

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has announced the launch of THETIS-MRV, which is a monitoring, reporting and verification system developed for the needs of EU Regulation 2015/757. This is a purpose-built system in the existing THETIS information platform to which companies, accredited verifiers and flag states will have access.

THETIS-MRV has two modules covering the Regulation’s requirements:

To access the system, you will be required to register and meet the criteria below:

Company – a shipowner or any other organisation or person that has assumed the responsibility for the operation of ships calling at or departing from ports in the European Economic Area (EEA).
Verifier – a legal entity accredited by a national accreditation body under Regulation 765/2008, carrying out verification activities to assess the conformity of the documents transmitted by the Company.
Flag state – the state under whose laws the vessel is registered or licensed.

The THETIS-MRV web-based application hosted by EMSA can be found here.

Please see Class News 15/2017 and 42/2016 for available guidance, including examples of templates for monitoring plans, emissions reports and documents of compliance to support EU MRV compliance.

As reported in Class News 03/2017, LRQA has been accredited to globally deliver services for the assessment of monitoring plans and the verification of emissions reports for maritime transport that is subject to the EU MRV regulation. 

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