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This alert is to draw attention to a production defect with the Hyundai Lifeboats ‘TALON II 4.0’ on-load release mechanism (OLRM) assembly, which has MED certification issued by Lloyd’s Register. The defect is related to the colour-coded markings on the hydrostatic interlock indicator. The mechanism is designed so the hydrostatic interlock indicator shows green when the lifeboat is out of the water and red when it is in the water. However, in some cases, the Hyundai Lifeboats ‘TALON II 4.0’ OLRM assembly has been produced with these colours applied in reverse.

This defect was identified by a recent PSC inspection on a vessel where the lifeboats had recently had their OLRMs replaced in order to comply with SOLAS regulation III/1.5. It was also found that the instructions posted in the lifeboat were inadequate and the training manual, including diagrams of the hydrostatic interlock indicator, had been supplied in black and white. These defects could put the lifeboat at risk of serious accident, potentially leading to injury, should the release mechanism be used incorrectly. 

The cause of this defect has been confirmed as an error during production, and the manufacturer has taken action with the production of the OLRM assembly to ensure the operational markings are applied as per the design and manual. They have also resolved this issue immediately in their distribution. Furthermore, they have identified vessels that may be affected and have contacted their operators directly to arrange remedial actions. Lloyd’s Register has also informed the Recognised Organisations of all vessels identified by the manufacturer as being affected. Lloyd’s Register is working closely with the manufacturer to review their production quality processes, and review the status of their MED certification.

The photo below shows the defective colour marking on the release handle hydrostatic interlock indicator, as compared to what it should look like, according to the maker’s manual:

Defective colour marking on the release handle hydrostatic interlock indicator.  Makers manual drawing of release handle hydrostatic interlock indicator.

Note: The photo is a mirror image of the original, for the purposes of comparing with the manufacturer’s drawing from the training manual.

Immediate action

Shipowners and operators are advised to check the lifeboat OLRM installed on their vessels against the original manufacturer’s manual to ensure the operational markings are correct and that the associated instructions and training material are adequate, regardless of the make and model. It is advised to do this at the earliest opportunity to avoid the risk of unsafe operation due to faulty equipment. Any defect should be reported to the original equipment manufacturer to seek their advice. In the event of a defect affecting a Lloyd’s Register-classed vessel or a Lloyd’s Register-approved product, Lloyd’s Register should be informed of this, as well as of any remedial action advised by the manufacturer.

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