Applicability: All shipowners, builders, operators, crew, surveyors and suppliers to the marine industry

Class News No. 01/2011 detailed the total ban on new installations of asbestos on all new and existing ships, which came into force on 1 January, 2011. This Class News is a reminder of procedures for verifying that new installations are asbestos-free.

The role of recognised organisations (ROs)

ROs acting on behalf of flag administrations are expected to verify that materials which contain asbestos are not installed on ships by reviewing asbestos-free declarations and supporting documentation for the structure, machinery, electrical installations and equipment covered by the SOLAS Convention. These reviews are conducted throughout the newbuild process and during annual safety construction and safety equipment surveys.

What companies need to do

Companies should ensure that:

  • they have appointed a nominated person responsible for controlling asbestos-containing material on board
  • as part of their vessel’s Safety Management System, there is a control on new installation of materials, so that they are documented with an asbestos-free declaration, and the documentation is available for audit at initial and annual surveys.

For further information

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