Applicability: Owners and operators of vessels fitted with Marioff HI-FOG 1900 Sprinklers

Marioff Corporation Oy has issued a safety bulletin concerning a potential problem affecting their HI-FOG 1900 Sprinklers, which may not provide adequate water flow when installed in their A1000 Assembly Body with an internal stop valve. The HI-FOG 1900 Sprinkler is a newer design of sprinkler head that has been retrofitted on many vessels during in-service maintenance in order to replace older-design HI-FOG 1000 sprinkler heads. The A1000 Assembly Body was designed in the 1990s to accommodate the HI-FOG 1000 sprinklers, and includes an internal stop valve that prevents the flow through the Assembly Body if the sprinkler is removed.

Marioff has completed a root cause analysis and identified that, for some models of the A1000 Assembly Body, there is a risk that the HI-FOG 1900 Sprinkler will press the stop valve beyond the intended range and thus may diminish, or, in the worst case, prevent the water flow to the sprinkler in case of a discharge. Marioff has stated that the risk does not extend to Assembly Body types A2000, AB and C, to Assembly Bodies without an internal stop valve, or to any other HI-FOG Sprinklers with any Assembly Body.

Marioff has also published an ‘Identification And Correction Procedure’ outlining how to check installed sprinklers to establish whether or not they are affected and how to correct the problem. Any changes to systems should only be carried out by suitably qualified persons.

What should owners and operators do now?
Owners and operators of vessels fitted with any Marioff HI-FOG 1900 Sprinklers should check with the manufacturer for information on whether or not they are affected. If found to be affected by this issue, please contact your local Lloyd’s Register (LR) office for further advice. LR will be contacting owners and operators of vessels known to be affected by this issue.

For further information

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