In 2017, our parent, Lloyd’s Register Foundation, published a Foresight Review of energy storage, which explored the role of energy storage and how it can impact the safety of life and property. The review highlighted four priority areas essential to the safe update of energy storage: critical systems support; through-life safety; public engagement, skills and knowledge; and maximising value from demonstrators as priority areas.

To understand the industry applications where these priority areas need to be addressed, we are working alongside Lloyd's Register Foundation to identify the real-world safety challenges to energy storage. Focussing on the application of infrastructure and supply chains, Together, we have identified the following areas in which decarbonisation can play a crucial role:

  • electrical systems (generation and distribution);
  • heating and cooling systems (including industrial and other markets);
  • transportations systems (on land, at sea and in the air).

We now invite industry, academia, regulators and others working in this space to answer the following questions focussed on the above:

  1. What are the key safety challenges for energy storage when applied to decarbonisation?
  2. What steps are needed to address these challenges?

The findings of this consultation will be used to inform a series of workshops which will shape the future work of Lloyd's Register Foundation in energy storage.