LR Code for Offshore Personnel Transfer Systems 1 July 2023 can be accessed via Regs4ships; these have been updated by approved rule changes.

Date published: 01/07/23
Last updated: 01/07/23
Tags: Code for Offshore Personnel Transfer Systems

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The Code for Offshore Personnel Transfer Systems (OPTS) should be read with the Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment (LAME).

Typical parts of an OPTS as covered in the Code for OPTS consist of:

  • pedestal or foundation (not part of the mothership structure);
  • motion compensation system (optional);
  • base frame;
  • machinery housing (may not necessarily be mounted on the base frame);
  • Operator station (ideally placed close to the gangway);
  • gangway, main part;
  • gangway, telescopic part (usually installed but may also be optional); and
  • landing or connecting arrangement. 

Other arrangements and layouts of an OPTS may not use all of these parts and/or may use other components and arrangements. 

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