Ore carriers may be required to carry cargo that is in Group A of the IMSBC (International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargo) Code.  Cargoes in this group are prone to liquefaction.  Liquefaction is a phenomena where solid cargo starts to behave as a semi-liquid as a result from moisture content, pressure in the cargo, grain size and excitation.

This guidance note outlines which documents and requirements are relevant when this cargo is to be carried.  There are 3 resources to consider:

  • The LR class notation Strengthened to carry cargo which may liquefy (IMSBC Group A) (effective 1 January 2019)
  • The LR ShipRight Procedure Additional Design Procedure (ADP) Procedure for the Assessment of Ore Carriers filled with Liquefied Cargoes. (to be published)
  • Statutory requirements which are described in LR’s Stability assessment methodology for ships carrying cargoes that may liquefy. (to be published)