Guidance Notes for Offshore Wind Farm Project Certification apply to certification of offshore wind farms, for both fixed and floating structures, although most of the principles can also be applied to onshore developments.

The Guidance Note outlines Lloyd’s Register’s  approach to certification of offshore wind farm projects. It uses the IEC 61400 standard series as a basis and in particular IEC 61400-22 Wind turbines – Part 22: Conformity testing and certification, as well as the operational document IECRE OD-502 Project Certification Scheme, and applicable IECRE clarification sheets.

Our approach to the evaluations required for certification of offshore wind farm projects is based on the minimum requirements to achieve project certification in accordance with IEC 61400-22 Wind turbines – Part 22: Conformity testing and certification; and IECRE OD-502 Project Certification Scheme. Additional evaluations may be required and these will be determined based on the characteristics of each project (e.g. complexity, degree of novelty or risk) or as requested by the applicant.

This Guidance Note doesn’t address local regulations or standards that may apply to the wind turbine site, including safety and environmental regulations, electrical compatibility and grid connection requirements. Nor does it address requirements for vessels used for transportation, installation or maintenance of offshore wind turbines. For detailed guidance on this aspect, refer to the LR documents Guidance Notes for Wind Turbine Installation Vessels and Guidance Notes for the Classification of Wind Farm Service Vessels.