LR Rules for the Classification of Air Cushion Vehicles 1 July 2023 can be accessed via Regs4ships; these have been updated by approved rule changes.

Date published 01/07/23
Last updated 01/07/23
Tags Rules Classification Amphibious

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The Rules for the Classification of Air Cushion Vehicles (ACV Rules) is to be read and applied in combination with the Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Special Service Craft (SSC Rules). Craft type of the following types will be considered on the basis of the SSC Rules:

  • Amphibious air cushion vehicles
  • Rigid inflatable boats
  • Hydrofoil craft
  • Foil-assisted craft
  • Craft with a Rule length, LR, less than 24 metres and draught to depth ratio greater than 0,55.

The ACV Rules contain requirements for ACVs of aluminium construction and fitted with flexible skirts. Where this Rule set does not cover any aspect of the design or construction, the relevant requirements of other parts of the SSC Rules are to be applied as appropriate.

Lloyd's Register Rules

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