LR Submarine Assurance Framework 1 July 2023 can be accessed via Regs4Ship, these have been updated by approved rule changes.

Date published 01/07/23
Last updated 01/07/23
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Submarine Assurance applies to naval submarines designed and constructed to carry and operate naval systems. 

The Submarine Assurance Framework is an independent third-party assurance based on the principles of Classification and may be defined as independent verification of the design, construction and material state of a submarine for compliance with project specifications, Rules, Codes and standards relating to submarine safety in defined operating conditions. 

Submarine Assurance is concerned with the verification of requirements relating to the submarine structure, its systems, equipment and components and, as such does not extend to the verification of requirements relating to the competence or effectiveness of embarked persons or operational matters.

Submarine Assurance may cover the full submarine lifecycle, with verification of requirements through design and construction and thereafter in-service by means of survey and inspection, or may be limited to specific lifecycle phases as required.

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