This page contains the links to Test Specifications to be followed when applying for Type Approval. The related Test Specifications are grouped together into the following documents:

Test Specific​ation 1
Performance and Environmental Test Specification for the following Environmentally Tested Products used in Marine Applications:

  • Electrical Equipment
  • Control and Monitoring Equipment
  • Instrumentation and Internal Communication Equipment
  • Programmable Electronic Systems

Test Specification 2
Performance and Test Specifications for the following Piping System Components primarily to be used in Marine Applications:

  • Expansion pieces - Bellows and sliding types
  • Filter units
  • Flexible hose assemblies
  • Mechanical pipe joints - Fixed connections
  • Metallic formed pipe pieces
  • Plastics pipes and formed pipe pieces
  • Valves
  • Air pipes closing devices

Test Specification 3
Performance Test Specification for Equipment to be used in Marine Applications:

  • Electric Cables
  • Circuit-breakers
  • Fuses and Fuse Holders
  • Fixed Submerged Electrical Equipment

Test Specification 4​
Type testing for reciprocating internal combustion engines and associated ancillary equipment for Marine, Offshore and Industrial applications​

Test Specification 5​
Type testing for lithium battery systems​​

Test Specification 6
Canadian Coastguard Plastic Buoy Impact Testing Specification

Test Specification 7
Performance and environmental testing required for fuel cell modules

Test Specification GT04
Type testing for gas turbines for Marine, Offshore and Industrial applications

Test Specification No. 917
Product type approval portlights for Special Service Craft

Test Specification No. 918
Product type approval Deck Hatches for Special Service Craft