LashRight helps you model and choose the right container stacking arrangements during vessel design and operational load planning. 

Its advanced matrix solution models the complex behaviour of stacks and lashings, ensuring complete compliance with LR Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Ships, Part 3, Chapter 14.

LashRight quickly identifies components that exceed the Rule requirements, helping the user make the necessary changes to the container arrangement, weight distribution or lashing equipment.

Key features:

  • Simple and easy to use interface allows quick and efficient stack creation.
  • Supports undo and redo.
  • Can assess on deck and in hold container stacks.
  • Covers industry standard containers and lashing equipment, or you can add your own specifications to the software's library.
  • Simple pass/fail results for easy interpretation.
  • Advanced filtering and result summarisation for stack review.


LashRightSolver is Lloyd’s Register’s dedicated container securing solver suitable for integration into third-party software. It provides calls to calculate the forces acting in lashed and unlashed stacks against the requirements contained in Part 3 of Lloyd’s Register’s Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Ships.

Custom user agreement available on request. To purchase LashRightSolver, please visit our webstore. 

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