ShipRight checks your hull structure design for structural and fatigue compliance with the ShipRight Procedures within LR Rules. Working in tandem with your existing applications, this modular software suite handles all the data loading, post-processing and reporting required – letting you swiftly identify and investigate failure regions.

Automatically generate load cases. Import data from other finite element modelling tools like Hyperworks, FEMAP, and PATRAN. You can trust ShipRight to help you create a robust final design that will operate safely throughout its working life.


  • Clear process flow for each type of assessment.
  • A robust tool which can help owners to reduce their risks.
  • Significantly faster solver for the spectral fatigue solver.
  • Interface with finite element model tools such as NASTRAN and PATRAN.
  • Automated loading generation.
  • Lloyd's Register's proprietary biaxial and shear buckling engine.
  • Easy to use graphic user interface for yield strength and buckling assessments.


  • Updated engine for gas ships as per the latest SDA procedure
  • Extended support for hatch cover assessment
  • Buckling calculation to support the ShipRight ADP- Guidance Notes for ShipRight SDA Buckling Assessment procedure