DFDS currently operates 55 ships, predominantly ro-ro freight ships, ro-pax ships, and passenger ships; with few exceptions these ships will now all be classed by LR.

Kasper Moos, Vice President of DFDS (right) and Kim Wiese, LR’s Marine Business Development Manager for DenmarkKasper Moos, Vice President of DFDS (right) and Kim Wiese, LR’s Marine Business Development Manager for Denmark

DFDS, northern Europe’s largest integrated shipping and logistics company is transferring eight ships into Lloyd’s Register class to help further support the DFDS Seaways operational activities. 

DFDS Seaways operates a network of 30 routes with 50 freight and passenger ships. DFDS Logistics provides freight and logistics services in Europe with trailers, containers, and rail.

The increase in ships classed by LR deepens and broadens the support provided by the classification market leader in the passenger ship, ro-pax and ro-ro freight ferry sectors. Lloyd’s Register’s Ship Emergency Response Programme (SERS) has also been contracted fleet wide to provide damage stability and crisis support to DFDS, further underlining the extent of safety and operational services now available to DFDS.

Speaking at the signing ceremony in their office in Copenhagen today, Kasper Moos, Vice President of DFDS and heading the company’s technical organisation commenting on the decision to choose LR for fleetwide class and emergency response, said: "DFDS Fleet has been growing because of recent acquisitions, and this means that by coincidence we have our ships registered in various classification societies.  We have therefore decided to transfer a number of our ships to LR in order to reduce the number of partners and achieve a leaner process in our daily work with the class. LR has already proven that they have the size and the services we need for fully covering our needs for a safe and efficient operation of our ships."

Lloyd’s Register’s Kim Wiese, Marine Business Development Manager for Denmark said: "DFDS has always maintained a close relationship with LR, with the vast majority of newbuildings being ordered to LR class. Our relationship has been strengthened through the agreement to transfer a number of vessels to LR Class. Furthermore, enrolling their fleet in to our SERS programme shows DFDS’ commitment to safety of life at sea and their care for the environment. Through our services LR will assist DFDS to provide a high level of safety and operational performance input to their fleet as we strive to help the company realise its commercial and technical ambitions to transport passengers and freight safely and efficiently. LR is highly committed to the ferry business. As well as our day-in/day-out service delivery, our research and innovation activities - including projects in which we have worked closely with DFDS - help drive our global leadership in passenger and freight ferry classification. This is an important sector where a combination of economic challenge and regulatory change means that ferry operators are looking for deeper and broader support."