A new LNG-fuelled LR Classed ferry was launched at the Fincantieri shipyard in Naples last month. It represents the latest generation of ferry that Fincantieri is building for Société des traversiers du Québec (STQ), a Québec Government Corporation that operates in maritime passenger transport.  The ship’s name, F.-A.-Gauthier, is in honour of Félix-Adrien Gauthier, mayor of the town of Matane from 1960-1963 and founder of the Matane–Godbout ferry route.

LNG-fuelled LR Classed ferry, tied down to the platform, being launched at shipyard, with crowd surrounding it taking photos.F.-A.-Gauthier is scheduled for delivery in late 2014 in Canada and represents a genuine technological revolution. It will be the first ever gas-powered ferry built in Italy and the first such vessel to operate in North America. The ferry adopts the most advanced solutions in terms of energy saving and low environmental impact, enabling a major reduction in emissions of CO2, NOx and SOx (which will be reduced to zero). 

The ferry is also equipped with a unique integrated diesel electric propulsion system similar to modern cruise ships, but the four diesel power generators are dual fuel running on either LNG or marine diesel oil.

Gianpaolo Dalla Vedova, Marine Operations Manager for Italy and South East Europe commented: “The ferry’s propulsion system is equipped with counter rotating propellers and transverse propellers which make it exceptionally maneuverable. Together with a complex and extensive system of ramps and doors at both bow and stern, the vessel can be loaded and unloaded very quickly.” 

At 133 meters long and 22 meters wide, F.-A.-Gauthier will have a service speed of 20 knots and will be able to carry more than 800 passengers. The ferry will be used in the Province of Québec, transporting more than 205,000 passengers and over 118,000 vehicles a year. 

Gianpaolo continued: “F.-A.-Gauthier will also be able to operate in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, known for its adverse weather conditions.  This is thanks to its innovative bow and stern, designed by Fincantieri, and its Ice Class Notation which mean the vessel will be very capable of breaking through ice.” 

Pictured: Launch celebrations at Fincantieri shipyard.
Image courtesy of FINCANTIERI S.p.A. - all rights reserved.