ExxonMobil has produced the system, which is designed to enhance the integrity, security and efficiency of fuel quantity measurement and enables significant time and cost savings.

ExxonMobil has introduced the first independently accredited mass flow metering system (MFMS) in Hong Kong, following successful introduction of the system in Singapore. The fuel delivery system can help save vessel operators up to an estimated three hours and US$5,000 per refuelling while also providing increased transparency and efficiency to the bunkering process.

We have accredited the Hong Kong MFMS, in partnership with A*STAR’s National Metrology Centre, the national measurement institute of Singapore, and Metcore International Pte Ltd, a consultancy with expertise in MFMS for bunkering.

The technology directly measures fuel mass instead of volume, in line with industry best practice guidelines, to provide a prompt and accurate measurement reading for vessel operators. The seals used are also validated by independent parties to prevent any misuse of the system.

The MFMS provides multiple benefits for vessel operators, suppliers and regulatory bodies, including enhanced accuracy when compared to typical tank dipping – within +/- 0.5 per cent – increased efficiency by measuring fuel mass, and reduced uncertainties related to variables including density and temperature. It can save an estimated US$5,0002 and up to three hours per delivery, and improve transparency as measurement data is logged throughout the process.

Following our accreditation, the MFMS has been installed on the time chartered bunker vessel, Anshing, to deliver bunker fuel oil ISO 8217:2012 grades for RMG 380 and RMK 500.

"The expansion of ExxonMobil’s accredited mass flow metering system capability will help to ensure buyers receive the fuel they pay for," said Deepankar Banerjee, Asia Pacific marine fuels sales manager. "ExxonMobil continues to lead the industry in the implementation of mass flow metering systems, bringing an accredited system to Hong Kong after its success in Singapore."

The launch of an accredited MFMS in Hong Kong follows its introduction in Singapore, where all ExxonMobil fuel deliveries are supplied by barges equipped with the Maritime and Port Authority certified MFMS.

LR's Douglas Raitt, regional consultancy manager, commented, "Getting bunkering right is more important than ever. The introduction of this technology is evidence of ExxonMobil’s commitment to industry innovation. The use of mass flow metering systems when bunkering fuel is a significant improvement, ensuring compliance. Buyers now have peace of mind that they are receiving the correct quantity of fuel for which they are paying."