PureMetrics uses stack measurement to monitor and report greenhouse gases released from the exhausts of maritime and land-based combustion engines.

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has awarded Daphne Technology with Approval in Principle (AiP) for its PureMetricsTM emission monitoring and reporting system, a key tool for understanding and mitigating emissions resulting from methane slip.

Methane slip, where unburned fuel is not fully combusted in engines, represents a significant obstacle for cutting climate emissions with a global warming potential (GWP100) 28 times that of CO2. Reliable and feasible technology is therefore key to achieving the IMO’s 2050 target of cutting annual greenhouse gas emissions from shipping by at least half, compared with 2008 levels.

Daphne’s PureMetrics solution utilises stack measurement to monitor and report emissions and can be applied to exhaust stacks from different combustion units to provide real-time measurements of greenhouse gasses (GHG) such as CO2, methane, and other pollutants such as sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides. PureMetrics provides accurate and comprehensive data on emissions whilst also offering convenient vessel and fleet emission reporting, historical digital emission data access, and cybersecurity measures.

Research shows that methane emissions vary depending on engine types and how the engines run. This makes stack measurement an even greater necessity for ship operators. Mitigating methane emissions is particularly significant in the maritime industry due to increased reliance on natural gas. The industry needs accurate, auditable, and direct data that enables low methane emission operational practices and ship designs.

The solution is easily installable and offers seamless integration with other vessel insight solutions adopted by ship owners. PureMetrics can also automate the calculation of Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) ratings based on actual emissions.

Panos Mitrou, Global Gas Segment Director, Lloyd’s Register, said: “LR is delighted to become the first classification society to approve Daphne Technolgy’s PureMetrics emission monitoring and reporting system. CO2 and methane emissions present the biggest challenge to the shipping industry and especially the use of LNG as fuel. PureMetrics will help stakeholders to gain comprehensive insights and practical recommendations to reduce emissions, cut costs and enhance their sustainability efforts.”

Mario Michan, CEO & Founder, Daphne Technology, said: "Obtaining an AiP from LR for our PureMetricsTM solution is a significant step in providing businesses with a powerful tool to measure and track their greenhouse gas emissions in real-time, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and take proactive steps towards reducing their carbon footprint. We extend our sincere thanks to LR for their invaluable support, enabling us to enhance transparency and contribute to a sustainable future."

This AiP follows last year’s Approval for Daphne’s methane abatement technology SlipPure, designed to benefit a variety of LNG carriers and LNG fuelled ships facing an imminent threat once methane is integrated into the GHG regulatory regime.

Group photo of members from LR and Daphne Technology with one employee holding the framed Approval in Principle document.
Representatives from Daphne Technology and LR were present as the AiP was handed over at Nor Shipping 2023