The collaboration marks a key milestone in maritime digitalisation, enabling testing of digital/AI-enabled applications in a safe, effective and cost-efficient way.

LR has announced a collaboration with The Alan Turing Institute, the national institute for data science and AI, to drive forward the maritime industry on its digitalisation journey. The cooperation will provide companies adopting digital technology with a fast and cost-effective independent assurance and testing service provider, using both The Alan Turing Institute and LR’s considerable resources and expertise.

Streamlining the testing process for digital/AI-enabled maritime technology will rapidly speed up digitalisation in the industry, incentivising safe practise and improving affordability by reducing competitive advantage risks. This lays the groundwork for delivering more assurance of AI technology services, allowing for the necessary learning to create the requirements and standards demanded by the industry. 

First movers in digitalisation will be able do so with certainty of performance expectations and the associated benefits of a simpler and quicker compliance procedure that the collaboration between LR and The Alan Turing Institute will bring. LR’s recent report, ‘Artificial Intelligence in Maritime - a learning curve’, outlines how AI has the potential to revolutionise maritime operations and create significant advantages for thcompanies that embrace it.
Luis Benito, Innovation and Co-creation Director, Lloyd’s Register, said: 

“Lloyd’s Register are excited to announce this collaboration with the world-renowned Alan Turing Institute. The cooperation between both of our historic organisations offers a clear pathway to maritime digitalisation, helping to accelerate the uptake of digital/AI applications by reducing the cost and prioritising safety for our clients. 
Joseph Morelos, Maritime AI Applications Innovation Leader, Lloyd’s Register, said: 

“LR has always aimed to streamline our assurance processes to help make our clients more competitive in their business. Our collaboration with The Alan Turing Institute will help to deliver unprecedented operational gains for our clients, whilst making securing remote and/or data-based information easier. We are proud to pool our resources with our partners as we drive forward digitalisation in the maritime industry.”   

Professor Mark Girolami, Chief Scientist at The Alan Turing Institute, said: 

“We’re delighted to announce this collaboration today with Lloyd’s Register. The successful deployment of data science and artificial intelligence research results to the maritime industry will help make digitalisation happen much more quickly and we look forward to working together to accelerate progress in this field.”

Lloyd’s Register Foundation has been in a strategic partnership with The Alan Turing Institute since 2016, collaborating to establish the Institute’s Data Centric Engineering Programme