Lloyd’s Register (LR) has awarded Feadship Approval in Principle (AiP) for its innovative multi-fuel system to be used on large yachts. This development in the drive for sustainability in the superyacht industry marks a significant step towards the adoption of alternative fuels for the sector. 

Engel Jan de Boer presented the AiP to Feadship Director Production, Mattes Kruize, during Feadship’s UnIQ on Tour event at the Monaco Yacht Show last week (pictured above).

The multi-fuel system developed by Feadship offers a clean and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels for the yacht industry. It enables operation on new fuels, such as methanol, while maintaining compatibility with current fuels to allow for global operation and range. With the capability to store methanol as a fuel, further expansion of methanol-based fuel cells is unlocked.

LR’s AiP validates the safety and feasibility of Feadship’s multi-fuel system. The approval process involved a thorough assessment of the system's design, components, and operational requirements to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. 

LR’s recent Fuel for Thought: Methanol for Yachts report provides in-depth analysis of the safety considerations, drivers for adoption, production and supply chain, and technology readiness of methanol as a marine fuel. 

Engel-Jan de Boer, Global Yacht Segment Director, Lloyds Register, said:
"LR is proud to award Feadship Approval in Principle for their multi-fuel system. This system has the potential to revolutionise the yacht industry by offering a sustainable and clean alternative to traditional fuels. Our AiP provides confidence to yacht owners and operators that the system meets the necessary safety and performance requirements.

“As a trusted advisor to our clients, LR is at the forefront of the transition towards clean energy sources., providing technical expertise and guidance to shipowners, operators, and technology developers.”

Mattes Kruize, Director Production, Feadship/Royal Van Lent Shipyard, commented:
"For Feadship this is a significant step that continues on the path that we have chartered out. To confirm the safe and also viable design principles that fit the use and design of a superyacht de-risks the projects that we are starting.”

Discover the future of yachting: Fuel for thought - Methanol for yachts

This report delves deep into the various aspects that encompass the readiness and the potential benefits of methanol as a marine fuel for the yachting industry